Three days to go


Just doing last minute stuff before we finally set off on our travels. Like making bread and butter pudding, to use eggs and bread up. The chickens haven’t been laying too well, recently but this week Scary has given us two double yolked eggs. Our friends are looking after them while we are away, so they will have plenty of eggs.

I have also attempted to upload iOS 5 but can’t work out how, which given all the problems is probably just as well. I have my iPad as I need it, with pdf’s of travel documents on the bookshelves, my Facebook, twitter, TripAdvisor and various other apps installed. Not sure that at this stage want to risk losing them.

Transferred some more money, with the same palaver and got the dollars. Done more washing, yawn, now back to that ‘to do list’.

The to do list is getting longer

Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge a...

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Finally got round to making sure we have somewhere to lay our tired heads when we arrive in San Francisco. It was listed in the DK guide to California and after checking it out on Trip Advisor, booked it on line.

Phew, one thing crossed of the ‘to do’ list. However it doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter, as one thing gets completed, another task gets added. I have a notepad on the bedside table as most things seem to pop into my head at 4am, so if I can write it down I stand a chance of getting back to sleep.

I am beginning to realise that going away for 4 months is really different to the 2 week package holiday. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. I have had some really useful advice from a guy called Dave Dean who writes a very good blog with advice for first time travellers. His attitude to life impressed me too.

I have also managed to upload photos to my previous posts, so am beginning to get to grips with WordPress, so if you want to, go to the archive and see some photos.