Technology is defeating me today

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I have been putting off filing my husbands Self Assessment for months now. This has enabled to do lots of thing on my to do list that are less important when you are about to go off around the world. Like tidying the bedroom, putting my books in order, by subject and author. I have also cleaned the bathroom, assembled furniture from Ikea and my spices are in alphabetical order.

I bit the bullet today. I have three files with tax stuff so it took some time to find the documents, the User ID and the password. I entered all this in but the computer said no. I cannot phone them because it is my husbands ‘account’. When he got home he made the call, then l was allowed to talk to them. Yes they had definitely send notification that he needed to complete the Self Assessment. This is not in any of my three files, although I do have the one from 2008. Indeed I have lot of paperwork form 2008, including the out of date User ID. I had quite a lot of numbers written down. After three phone calls, with my husband first having to speak to them before they can speak to me, I got a new user ID and have submitted the form. In the meantime I had to bite my lip while being patronised by HMRC. Well, your majesty, your staff made me feel like a dumb blonde.

The good new is that he is getting a refund, because, here’s the thing, he is not in paid employment. All I had to do was give them information they already have. They gave the tax codes to the two pension companies that pay him tuppence a year. The student loan company already have the information as have countless other government agencies. So all I am telling them is what they already know.

I then decided to blog about this. And it has taken be nearly an hour to log into my WordPress account. I still actually don’t know how I got to the log in page.

Perhaps it was me, after all.