This blog is moving to

I have finally gone self hosted. My new blog can be found here

All new posts will be on the new site, and, as I have seemed to have succeeded to import all the old posts to their new home, you can read those too.

Thank you to all the people who have supported me on this journey to self hosting. These include Alyson Young, Chief Blogger at World Travel Family, Travel with Bender for their guide to self hosting, Steve from Conscious House who said something that made me believe in myself, and Lisa Cherry Beaumont for being an amazing Life Coach.

You know what to do. Head over to and follow, like, subscribe and share if you like what you read.

As with all moves, there is some tidying up to do, some pictures to hang, and maybe a lick of paint. I am however looking forward to filling up the new home for my blog with things that are both beautiful and useful.


2 thoughts on “This blog is moving to

  1. Hi Coral

    Thanks for that. I likes on the blog but couldn’t find the place to follow and get emails to let me know you have done a new post.

    Gina x



    • Hi Gina, it should be on the top right corner. I have been adding widgets this afternoon, and that was one of them. As I said, I am settling in, finding out where I like the furniture in my new home.


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