Unclutter my life. Day Seven. The Bearwood Jumble Trail.

It an attempt to sell some of the things I am unearthing during this unclutter my life process I am taking part in the Bearwood summer Jumble Trail. Think yard sale with lots of people all holding one on the same day in the same neighbourhood.

I am hoping to offload some of the cookery books I sorted through, and have been going throught the last few things that I still have from Mom after sorting through her stuff. The amount of stuff she had was staggering for just one room. And I am sorting through my stuff so my kids don’t have to.

At the moment this is what is going into the jumble.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBrownie badges circa 1989.


Including the sash.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEnamel souvenir charms.


Soft toys.

And a selection of Bionicles, donated by my son. He too has the declutter bug. He has a vested interest in this declutter exercise as when he saw how much stuff Mom had, he realised that one day he may have to go through my stuff. And as a person who is not a hoarder, has enough clothes to last a week and only one pair of shoes, this one collection of stuff was a blip.

Let us hope the sun shines and the people of Bearwood want some decent cookbooks, Bionicles and Brownie Badges.




2 thoughts on “Unclutter my life. Day Seven. The Bearwood Jumble Trail.

  1. Thank you for the email and the encouragement. Why is getting rid of our stuff so hard? Your sock dilemma was funny. I would keep all of my “lone” socks that didn’t have a match and use them to dust with. Now I have a basket of lone socks to get rid of! I have 30 days left to rid myself of the rest of my things before we leave on our RV trip. I wish I had all of the money back that I spent on “things”‘ because I would be rich and be able to travel for a long long time. I love your Farsickness word! I would usually refer to my need to travel as “the itch”. When I’m home too long without traveling, I would get the itch. It’s so nice to meet people that feel the same way. Traveling has certainly changed my life and now that my parents are getting older, I want to take this opportunity to make some memories with them that will last me a lifetime. I look forward to reading about your future travels!


    • Oh I used to keep odd socks to dust with! Not now. I borrowed the term farsickness from another blogger. It was a relief when I found out that it happens to others too. And yes it is good to make some memories with your parents while you can. I hope they are seeing how you are uncluttering your life and choose to do so too. Have fun.


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