When preparing to travel Part 3 (things I didn’t use)

I packed the lightest I could on the recent week trip to Greece. I used almost every item I took, except these. Things packed not usedDetails on how I packed and what I took were in these previous posts.

I didn’t use the swimsuit, sarong or shorts.

The extra t shirt was not needed either.

The Kindle, not used.  I had a paperback and that was all I needed. Annoyingly I left it at Birmingham Airport on the way home and I hadn’t finished it.

The Cag in a Bag, as it rained on our last day in Santorini, if I had not packed it away would have been quite useful. By the time the rain got really heavy we were back at the villa, so we only got damp, not wet.Ten minutes later the sun was out.

All beds were new and sheets clean so sleeping sack not needed.

Good quality towels were provide even in the cheapest 30 Euros a night room, travel towel not needed.

Would I pack all of these again? Yes. They were light and took up very little room and could have come in useful.

I am glad I had room for an extra, warm top. I wore one and packed a second. The evenings and mornings were chilly and the last day it rained and was quite cool.

I really could have taken less toiletries as all bar one room (the cheapest) provided shampoo and shower gel. All the rooms had towels and a hair dryer. This was not the Greece I was used to. They had decent showers and hot water too.

Greece has moved on from the days of showers over the toilet, thin towels and old mattresses on a concrete base. We paid from 42 to 60 Euros for a double room with breakfast, and that price did not always reflect the quality of the rooms. We didn’t check out hostels and having just seen this review of the Hostel in HerakIion I am pleased we didn’t.

I will be sharing details of where we stayed and the costs of our week in Greece in my next post.


5 thoughts on “When preparing to travel Part 3 (things I didn’t use)

  1. I’m doing a trip in August where I’ve worked out all I need is suncream and a change of clothes. I’ll be interested to see what that translates into, in reality!


  2. I wouldn’t abandon any of the items you listed because a change in location or weather would mean that you would use them. I would suggest taking a skort instead of shorts. Have you seen the Athleta “Whatever” skort? It is knee length and comes in short, regular, long lengths and extended sizes.
    On toiletries – I would decant my products into smaller bottles or take solid versions of the product. Much lighter! I always take product with me because of allergies – I’m not willing to risk my vacation on that!


    • I am working on the toiletries. I only used Eight Hour Cream, Bare minerals sun protector, Aloe Lips, Aussie Take the Heat for my hair and suncream. The 3in1 shower/shampoo/conditioner got used once. I will get a solid version in future. Not sure of the skort, I prefer long, linen trousers or dresses. One day I will get down to one carry on only bag. One day.


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