Me or myself?

I asked and Liz provided the answer

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I find that I and other people wince a bit when we see myself used, as it commonly is, in a seeming attempt to sound more formal, or managerial, or literary, or, well, something. We’ve all seen it – “If you have a problem, please contact myself”. Keep it simple is the rule here: “If you have a problem, please contact me”. There is a place for myself, but it’s a smaller, more precise place than people may imagine.

OK, I’m ranting a bit now; let’s just look at the rules for this one …

Myself is the reflexive first person singular – used by the speaker to refer to themselves as the object of a verb or preposition when he or she is the subject of the clause as well – “I picked myself up from the ground and continued on my way”, “I got myself dressed in…

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About Travelling Coral

I started my blog, Travelling Coral in 2011 to record some of the highlights of the round the world trip I made with my husband Phil. It changed my life and as a result I downsized, decluttered to have a life with less housework more travel. Long term travelling is my goal.

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