Don’t let this happen to you! A cautionary tale arising from poor volunteer management.

Volunteering Counts in Dudley borough

success-failureFlicking through Twitter today, I came across an excellent blog post by Rhonda McClung, talking about how charities use up volunteers’ goodwill and willingness to volunteer by not treating them well or appreciating them properly:

“The compassion and benevolence that generate the goodwill that initially brings volunteers through your door can easily evaporate if your volunteer has even one bad experience.”

This is so true and having spoken to volunteers who have left organisations, one of the biggest reasons is that they don’t feel appreciated/valued or they feel underused.

“How do organizations use up their volunteers’ goodwill? Mismanaging their time.  Asking them to take on roles in which they are not comfortable.  Failing to communicate the importance of the assigned role.  Leaving them without the training necessary to be successful in the tasks for which they are responsible. “

This got me thinking about Volunteer Retention.  Does the above…

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