Exam Season – The View from the Special School

Fo all you parents with kids doing GCSE’s

Independent Th!nking

Exams bring pressure – pressure to teachers, support staff, parents and school leaders. However, the pressure we feel is nothing compared to that felt by the pupils and in my school the pressure on the Year 11 pupils is more than you could possibly imagine.

Children with ADHD, ASD, ODD, OCD and Tourette’s all go through the daily pressure of the exam season. They have been supported, trained, coached, counselled, mentored and bribed. They will feel angry, frustrated, challenged, hopeless, inadequate and useless.

They also feel cared for, supported, looked after, loved and immersed in a culture of unconditional positive regard.

So, what’s the problem? Nothing really. At the moment. We have created a situation where the longest exam is just about manageable at one and a half hours. We have 14 pupils sitting exams in 11 different rooms. We have invigilators, scribes and readers. That’s over 20 staff supporting…

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