Spotting Field Sabotage

What's the PONT

A while back I went to the inaugural meeting of a ‘community of practice’, which had the objective of, “sharing information and improving our practice”.

Astonishingly they spent over an hour discussing who would be allowed to join, or in reality who to exclude from the Community of Practice.  People ‘below a certain job grade’, ‘people from different disciplines’ and ‘people we don’t like’ (they didn’t actually say that, but I know what they meant) were included on the ‘list’.

The discussion was all neatly wrapped up in some pretty specific language around:

  • quotas of people each organisation could send;
  • first and second choices; standby lists;
  • different sub-groups permitted,  etc and
  • the great momentum killer – voting rights.

This was a community of practice, what exactly they might ‘vote’ on was a complete mystery to me.

I’m sure none of it was deliberate, but it didn’t half bring this to mind – The…

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I started my blog, Travelling Coral in 2011 to record some of the highlights of the round the world trip I made with my husband Phil. It changed my life and as a result I downsized, decluttered to have a life with less housework more travel. Long term travelling is my goal.

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