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Adventures in reading, running and working from home

IMAG0179.jpg This is a rather special book review, and so I’m letting it stand on its own.

My partner, Matthew, had shown an interest in reading this book a while ago; he reads a lot of audio books on his 3-mile walk to and from work. I’d been eying up the book and wanting to read it for some time, but was held back by my TBR Mountain, promising myself I could pick up this hefty tome when the TBR got that little bit smaller … Then my friend Sian presented me with a copy for my birthday! Hooray! Matthew was keen on reading the book together, and our friend Linda picked up on this and was keen to join in on her Kindle, and so the great Capital Reading Project began.

How we did it: Matthew would listen to his around 2 hours’ worth during the day. Luckily, the book…

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About Travelling Coral

I started my blog, Travelling Coral in 2011 to record some of the highlights of the round the world trip I made with my husband Phil. It changed my life and as a result I downsized, decluttered to have a life with less housework more travel. Long term travelling is my goal.

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