Birmingham Against The Cuts

Boycott Workfare West Midlands will be holding a demonstration at the British Heart Foundation on Harborne High Street because of their involvement with workfare programmes that will see benefit claimants kicked off benefits for three years if they don’t take part in forced unpaid work schemes like Mandatory Work Activity.

Update 9/11: It now seems that British Heart Foundation are going to withdraw from Mandatory Work Activity, having updated their website with this:

Currently, we are moving away from involvement in the mandatory work activity programme towards schemes which provide longer term voluntary placements. We have just established an important partnership with Job Centre Plus to actively promote volunteering as an option for people who are unemployed.

We have been in contact with British Heart Foundation who have told us that the Harborne store does not currently have anyone on placement, and that many of their smaller stores stopped…

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I started my blog, Travelling Coral in 2011 to record some of the highlights of the round the world trip I made with my husband Phil. It changed my life and as a result I downsized, decluttered to have a life with less housework more travel. Long term travelling is my goal.

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