Round the world with my kagool

The one item of clothing I lugged around the world that I do not regret taking was my trusty kagool or kag in a bag. It was well used in New Zealand when we went on a wine tasting tour on Waiheke.  And whilst cyclone dodging in Fiji. We certainly got very wet on Kangaroo Island.

And here is the proof from the FCO that we were considered at risk in Fiji.

> To: coral
> Subject: Tropical Depression affecting Fiji
> Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 23:51:20 +0000
> Dear British Citizens,
> A severe flood warning remains in force for major rivers, streams and low lying areas of Western Viti Levu This has caused major flooding and has closed roads paticularly in Nadi Town and left both locals and tourists stranded.
> Should you wish to seek urgent consular assistance or know off any british nationals in need of urgent assitance please do not hestitate to contact us on the telephone number (679)3229100 or (679)3304746.
> In light of this adverse weather conditions, we will be grateful if you can confirm yuor safety and well being in Fiji. The Consular team would like you to monitor the latest situation on the Fiji Meteorological Service website: ( or for further update.
> Kind regards
> Consular Team.

I actually don’t know how many cyclones we experienced while on our travels. We were warned about Melbourne and its reputation for Four Seasons in One Day. On Christmas day in Melbourne the hailstones damaged cars. Yet by the new year we were shutting down the house against the searing heat.

In Sydney Harbour and on the ferry to Manly it came in handy too. And in San Francisco because when the mist rolls in the temperature drops. I have of course needed it quite a bit since returning to England. It rained in every city we visited in Australia  even Perth, who had a cylcone on Australia Day. All good practice for this English summer.

Every where you go Always Take the Weather with You

And a kagool kag in a bag.



7 thoughts on “Round the world with my kagool

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