Not Living Below the Line

Following on my quest to eat well for less instead of signing up for Live Below the Line I want to stress that I am not against the principles of the campaign, at all. I think anything that brings attention to the fact that so many people are struggling to feed themselves on very little money is great. And that so many people have signed up to it to raise not just awareness but money for charity is heartwarming. so well done if that is what you are doing or if you have donated to charity for someone that is.

If it highlights the fact that so many of us waste food, and it changes some peoples shopping and cooking habits, that is good too.

So what did we eat for day one? We have chickens so it was poached eggs on toast. The eggs were yummy. No lunch for us as we went to visit Haden Hill Museum on a rather wet Bank Holiday Monday. There was a tea room so we treated ourselves to some homemade cake. I can really recommend a visit if you live in the area. We popped into Asda on the way home to shop for supper, which was Chicken Macaroni from the Feed your Family for £5 A Day book.

I already had chicken, I had bought a whole free range chicken earlier in the week for £4.99 from Aldi. Using it up meant that one chicken had now been stretched to make  a roast dinner for three, sandwiches for two and now another meal for 3 adults. In fact there was leftovers for lunch today.

What I spent.

Tea bag 2p

Milk 2p

Eggs 5p Estimated cost as we get 2 eggs a day, and feed costs £10 per month, plus transport to get feed

Home made bread 5p Estimated  based on one bag of flour makes two loaves

Tea and cake £1.50

Chicken 55p from leftovers

Macaroni 9p, one bag cost 72 p and will make 8 portions

Tinned tomatoes 7p one tin was 31p, 4 portions

Sweetcorn 13p from Asda frozen sweetcorn £1.30 a bag

Carrot 3p from bargain bag from Aldi at 69p for approximately 20 carrots

Onion 3p from large bag from Asda costing 1.69 guessing 50 in a bag

Garlic clove 1p

Herbs from garden  and store cupboard spices 1p

Total £2.53

So, if I had not indulged in tea and cake my food for the day would have cost £1.03, yet I did not have any lunch. This is because I use left overs and apply economies of scale, more of which I plan to write about in future posts.

Happy budget eating.


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