Christmas Down Under

A few days ago I blogged about plans to ‘skip’ Christmas.

It’s our first Christmas away from home, and without the children. We’d agree not to buy presents for each other.

But fate intervened. I blame Skippy!


Fate started to play its tricks on us a few weeks ago in New Zealand. We made an unscheduled stopover in Havelock a tiny town who has less people living in it (c500) than live in my street back in Birmingham. It is famous for it’s green lipped mussels. There is one pub, one small supermarket and no ATM.

We were tired and the long and winding road to Nelson loomed, so we took the safe and sensible option to stay on a tiny campsite, where we met Barb and Peter.

I’m not sure who spoke first, but I met Barb in the computer room. She lost her dollars worth of Internet access time that day! We ended up having dinner with them in the only pub in town. And a few drinks in their van. We discovered we were on the same flight to Melbourne. So we knew we’d meet again. Then we met them a few days later at another campsite, darn fate, and once more drink was taken. Christmas was mentioned then I think.

Once we had settled in Melbourne they took us to Queen Vic market.


Then invited us to supper.


And we met their lovely family, who all insisted we come on Christmas day.


We weren’t the only POM’s or none Aussies round their table. Barb and Pete opened up their house to Dan from Manchester, his beautiful girlfriend, Molly, from Boston USA and various other friends of their kids, as well as their lovely family.



The food was magnificent! (And I still laugh about those two kettles).

Merry ChristmasDiving in to the feast

It was chaotic, in a good way


and I missed my kids and my mom, but thanks to Barb and Peter, and their lovely family, we had a lovely Christmas day. I hope one day, they can come to visit us in the UK. The bar has been set high. We don’t roast our turkey in a Webber, and I won’t have Australian prawns in a Bali hut. But we’ll always have Bailey’s.

PS Peter and Andrew, bring your tools, I want a Bali hut too!

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