Welcome to the Hotel California


We are actually in the Coral Sands Motel just off Hollywood and Western. Been here longer than planned due to a little issue with QANTAS.

We have checked out twice, but as the song Hotel California goes, you can never leave.

I booked this motel because it was cheap and got reasonable ratings on Trip Advisor. I suspect that it once rented rooms by the hour, based on strategically placed mirrors and information issued about charging for additional guests but the clientele now are travellers, couples, friends, of all ages, from all over the world. We have a jacuzzi and a pool. It’s clean and comfortable.

We booked for 3 nights, will be here for 6 nights in total. We could have moved to a better motel as QANTAS will pick up expenses for the additional nights. We have stayed because every member of staff have been so caring and helpful. Bon, who checked us in on the first night, a Filipino who has been in LA of 18 years, is so lovely and kind. Brian offered to drive to the airport to meet Phil who had to return the hire car on the 29th. He has even suggested places to visit on our extended stay. Griffith Observatory

He gave me tissues and water when it all got too much. Checked the status of the QANTAS dispute, provided details of a taxi firm, all beyond the call of duty.

To sum up our experience here, we have had Five Star treatment form a two star motel. It’s a bit tatty, the walk to the main part of Hollywood Boulevard isn’t brilliant, but now we are used to the area, have realised that the metro is clean, safe and cheap, we have a great supermarket on our doorstep, a Starbucks, loads of very cheap Thai restaurants, but best of all great diner across the street. More on that and other great breakfasts in America, to come!

I really would rather be in my camper in NZ right now, however now I know I’m on a flight there soon, I’m going to make to most of the extended stay in the USA, by checking out what is supposed to be the most spectacular Halloween parade in West Hollywood. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel California

  1. We have just been trick or treating round Bearwood, in the company of a skeleton (Will, age 9) a witch (aged 14) a zombie (George, age 7) and a masked man (age 10). The feeling is of winter, though the night is relatively warm – lots of lovely sweets, pumpkin lanterns and a nice feeling of people having fun … But the thought of a Halloween parade is very exciting!! I hope you have lots of photos now!
    Today Bleakhouse Make Friends with a Book enjoyed a spooky Halloween story about a picture that changes (The Mezzotint by M. R James (see http://www.readbookonline.net/readOnLine/24073/) and a poem called The Hag by Robert Herrick (see http://www.potw.org/archive/potw206.html). You were mentioned and we all hoped that you were having a fantastic trip in spite of the Quantas stuff… Maybe fate wanted you to stay and see that parade? Look forward to hearing all about it.


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