I left my heart in San Francisco


I didn’t expect to love San Francisco. All I can say, I can’t wait to get back there. It’s an American city that thinks its in Europe. I was constantly reminded of the architecture of Barcelona and Madrid. The food where we stayed in North Beach was Italian, or Italian or Italian. Mostly.

The farmers market was reminiscent of the markets in France, beautifully laid out fruit and vegetable, all organic. Yet this is a truly international city with a Chinese quarter, Mexican, Thai and Indian food, and lots of fish on, well Fisherman’s Wharf.

Our hotel, the San Remo was a short walk from Fishermans Wharf, the cable cars and some excellent places to eat. We are supposed to on a budget, so the first night we shared chowder in a bread bowl at Aliotos a place we would return to on our last night as the food, service and views were worth it.

The one restaurant we ate at, stayed with us and not just in our minds, for a couple of days. The Stinking Rose Very cleansing! Good job we both indulged in the Bagna Calda!

We were lucky with the weather in that we experienced the city in warm sunshine and, how most people experience it, in fog.

A city of contrasts in so many ways!

We will be back!


One thought on “I left my heart in San Francisco

  1. So pleased you’re having a good time. And now I know where to go if want Italian food! (As you may have noticed, I’ve not travelled much, so my comments will mainly consist of vague attempts to respond, with even vaguer attempts at humour. I have nothing in the way of travel advice to offer.) Love to you both. L x


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